Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From my own experience, I know that the decision to seek help from a therapist takes substantial consideration. Here’s a summary of frequently asked questions:


– Couples (with partner or individual) and singles


– Individual and couples counselling in German, English, or Danish
– Counselling exclusively through dialogue; incorporation of physical exercises as applicable
– both in practice and as homework
– All conversations are strictly confidential


– A comfortably furnished practice in Eppendorf, Hamburg
– For directions, please clic here »

How often?

– Frequency of consultations: A total of 3-10 sessions on a biweekly basis
– Further consultation as per agreement and individual requirements


– Individual counselling: 60 minutes
– Couples counselling: 90 minutes


– Individual counselling: 100€ per 60 minutes
– Couple counselling: 150€ per 90 minutes

No counselling on weekends. Absolutely no counselling by e-mail or Skype (Zoom is possible).
No reimbursement through national health insurance. In individual cases, the cost is covered by private health insurance

Do you still have time for us?

Since this question has been asked many times lately, I decided to add my response to this website: “Yes, of course I do!” Despite a number of other projects, being in touch with my clients remains the priority of my work. Through our conversations, I gain inspiration, amass many important findings for my books, and topics for my public appearances. Hence, many thanks for all the experiences on which I’ve been privileged to build my knowledge base.

Cancellation of appointments

Please cancel your appointment in good time if you can’t attend. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full fee.

Can I do a work placement with you?

I often get this question by e-mail and occasionally receive resumès in the mail. I’m very happy with the fact that there are more and more motivated, open-minded, and well-educated people who are interested in studying sexology, and/or doing a work placement in this field. Unfortunately, I can’t accommodate anyone in my practice, as my work with my clients request privacy or anonymity.