Sexologie & Sexual-therapie

Sexology is the academic study of human sexuality. A sexologist assesses/counsels/advises on all issues related to the sexuality and the relationship of the respective client.

I work with the “Approach Sexocorporel (Sexocorporel)”, a Canadian therapeutic concept for sexual health which takes into account many possible and relevant components, involved in human sexuality – sexual learning forms the basis of this approach. Initially, the client(s) consciously explore their bodies through exercises begun in the praxis, and continued at home. Only after this process of self-recognition begins can the sexual interaction of two persons commence.

Good sexuality is a learnable skill

The basis of sexual therapy is the dialogue with the individual client. Therapy aims at helping to improve so-called “clinical dysfunctions”, such as lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, vaginismus (spontaneous subconscious tenseness of the pelvic floor), difficulties orgasming, and pain during sexual intercourse. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexual health plays an important role in the physical and emotional well-being of each individual. Essentially, people having regular sex live longer and happier!

Areas of sexology

  • Historical developement of sexuality
  • Female and male sexuality
  • Normality? Diversity?
  • Sexual cultures and sub-cultures
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual dysfunctions and deviations
  • Sexuality of the elderly and disabled
  • Passion and desire
  • Sex therapy (cognitive therapy)
  • Pornography and media
  • Gender-specific differences (brain structure, hormones)
  • Life as a single person
  • Postnatal sexuality and relationship
  • Divorce, jealousy, and infidelity
  • Fantasies and one’s own sexuality
  • Sexual education at school

In my practice

I place great importance on establishing an accommodating atmosphere, and through my relaxed “Danish way” of being, hopefully make a significant contribution to that. I unreservedly face issues with openness and many times with a sense of humor, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve blushed. In my daily work I’ve made sexual education one of my main topics, as I’ve consistently noticed the great amounts of ignorance and prejudice regarding sexuality. Clients are eventually relieved at the realization that they’re quite “normal” (which is true in most cases) and leave exclaiming, ‘I should have started this a long time ago.’


Whether in a relationship or single (again), each of us has issues or feels insecure in different aspects of our lives, and is overwhelmed by certain decisions. It may just be a phase. Sometimes, however, it’s a life issue – it then helps to ask questions. A professional and objective viewpoint from the outside often unties the knots.

Finally having fun again.

And thus, rekindling love. Would you like to, after all, or finally …

  • understand how your partner really “tick’s” and why he or she behaves this way?
  • stop arguing about the other’s small “weaknesses” or
  • rather laugh about them or even learn to love them?
  • identify strengths in supposed weaknesses?
  • understand the different languages of “typical” man or woman and sensibly use this understanding?
  • identify and decode your own background and motives, and rethink old behavioral patterns?

You’ll get expert support from me while working on yourself and your relationship. My professional expertise, a wealth of knowledge from my studies and numerous training sessions, and also my life experience, is just as much part of my work as is wit and humor. I attach great importance to this repertoire in all my consultations, therapy sessions, and proceedings.

Literally get in touch.