What does „DOCH NOCH“ mean?

These two words span a wide field with the promise of great advancement: to save the relationship, after all, to (re-)discover intimacy and closeness, after all, to have fulfilling sex, after all, and so forth. It’s the hope that more is possible, after all. And what about the kissing couple in the logo?

Couples Therapy & Individual Coaching

At my practice in the Hamburg district of Eppendorf, I counsel couples and individuals who’ve reached a point in their lives, or a phase in their relationship, where support is needed. The basis for the subsequent talks is communication, aided by my clients’ courage and openness to deal with their issues and to ask questions; questions which they’ve often been pondering for some time.

The intimacy game

Keep your fingers crossed that the intimacy card game, Doch! Doch! Doch!, will someday be released in English! For more information on the game please see my German webpage – and maybe try your luck with google translate. The wonderful erotic illustrations by Louis Harrison make it worth a quick glimpse.